Who told you to live that way?

We spend way too much time living according to the standards and rules of others. I read something really cool today. It’s a quote from Steve Jobs. I add a little commentary but the gist is this, get in touch with your inner self and realize that life’s too short to live a life someone else chose.

Unlimiting Potential

by Sorilbran Buckner

Check the science section of your favourite online magazine or print periodical and a few times a year, you’ll likely run across stories of newly discovered technologies and previously undiscovered sea creatures and various creeping things.  The thought that the earth has been in existence for billions of years in a perpetual state of evolution indicates that as inhabitants, we too are continually evolving.

Our personal and professional lives are no different.  Few professionals will claim to know all there is to know about their industry so there’s always room for growth.  Many coaches will tell you to set goals and do what is necessary to reach them.  Good for you when you reach your goals. But that shouldn’t be the end.  Reached goals call for setting new goals so that as you walk through life, you’re constantly moving toward and striving to reach a destination.

In so doing, you may find opportunities to grow and learn; you may discover new talents that you only could have found by changing your scenery and deviating from your everyday routine.

Easier said than done sometimes.  And it’s true that every now and then, it helps to have someone insert a bit of objectivity into your situation to get you unstuck.  Seek the assistance of your family and friends.  Perhaps you would benefit from a business or personal coach.  If that’s the case, you’ve certainly come to the right place and you can feel free to contact Juliana directly.  The goal is to keep moving, never settle and always be on the lookout for your next opportunity to grow.

Unlimit your potential.


Sorilbran Buckner is an Atlanta-based business writer and serial entrepreneur.

Shipped in 2010!

Inspired by my hero I’ve put together a list of the “things I’ve shipped” in 2010.

What did you accomplish in 2010? What do you want to accomplish in 2011? (Write out your answers down to hold yourself accountable.)

Nothing Ventured = Nothing Gained


If you expect to move yourself forward in your career, relationships, education, etc. but you’re not willing to take a risk, be prepared to go nowhere.

You will never be loved if you never open yourself to the possibility of rejection. You will never launch a successful product if you’re not prepared to risk launching a failing product.

The path of least resistance offers the least reward.

You know this, right? But when did you last take a risk?

You will never be anything if you aren’t willing to fail. And trying doesn’t count if you’ve ventured nothing.

The Kind of Life That is Only Meant for Sheep

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, jtcina.com

When you’re in grade school you regularly receive a report card detailing your progress. If you work for a company that follows Human Resources best practices, you likely get the opportunity to consider your progress at an annual or semi-annual review. If, however, your life does not have built in “progress reports” reflecting on your growth is probably an activity you neglect.

Taking time out to consider your strengths and weaknesses can either help you (1) nurture a skill that will help you achieve greater goals, or (2) remove negative behaviours from your repetoire that may be hurting your career and personal life.

When was the last time you sat down and drafted a game-plan for your career? When was the last time you objectively made a list of your weaknesses?

Without these exercises in self-awareness you are, and will continue to be, a sheep in a massive herd. This herd consists of like-minded people that follow the path of least resistance and never challenge themselves to become more. These are the people that have jobs not careers. These are the people who will blend into history instead of making a mark on it.

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to be in a herd, following a path determined by others for their benefit. I have left jobs where I could have grazed peacefully through life without any stress. My friends and family thought I was crazy for leaving the comfort of a secure, well-paying, and simple job behind. But I could not continue working in that quiet office in that boring building and be happy with myself.

Sit down today and make a list of the things you want to accomplish in your life. If there is one great goal or countless enormous ones, do not impose any restrictions on this list. Do not omit a goal because you tell yourself you can’t achieve it. Dream a little and make it real by writing it down.


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Until next time, smile and be your best self!

Extraordinary Accomplishments Start with a Dream

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, jtcina.com

What’s your dream? I’m not trying to inspire you just for the sake of adrenaline. I’m seriously asking you to name your dream.

You may want a specific job or hope to travel the world. You may want to be the best soccer mom there ever was. Learn a language, go skydiving, raise a million dollars for your favourite charity.

You have to have a dream. You have to be willing to dream. You have to say your dream out loud. You have to try your best to achieve it. You have to risk failing.

My dreams are very lofty. I have many of them and I’ve never been afraid to say them aloud. Here are a few of my dreams:

1. Write a novel (that gets published).
2. Earn a PhD in Political Science.
3. Make an impact as a human rights advocate.

These are not small goals and they will take a great deal of effort to bring to fruition. But, if past experience tells me anything about my capacity to realize my goals I have a decent chance of success.

Here are a few goals I’ve already accomplished:
1. Acquiring a Master’s of Arts degree in Constitutional Politics
2. Having an academic paper published.
3. Becoming a writer that survives by doing what she loves.

Not one of these accomplishments came easy. But I’ve been discovering that if I can dream it, I can also make it come true.

Think about your life goals. Write them down. Tell someone who can be excited for you. I don’t care if your goals are to run a country, a marathon, or a household. You can do anything if you can dream it.


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Until next time, smile and be your best self!

Reorganizing My Goals

I have struggled to fit all my strengths into one career “bucket.” The greatest success I have had incorporating my goals into one objective was becoming a writer.

Writing has allowed me to use so many of my strengths. My ability to find compassion for people, negotiate frugal deals, convince the doubtful… all of this can be incorporated in writing.

There are certainly many things I cannot do well. In fact, my ability to accept my weaknesses has been as indispensible to me as knowing my strengths.

So, how does this relate to Reorganizing My Goals?

Recently I came across The Art of Non-Conformity. With his free ebook 279 Days to Overnight Success, Blogger and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau was effective at inspiring me. And this is a challenging feat.

I am already inspired. I am so happy and committed to my goals that altering my course even in the least takes powerful ideas–ideas that Mr. Guillebeau possesses. He captured an interesting concept that made me want to rethink my commitments.

I do not regret any of my accomplishments or goals. I cannot say I will be leaving any goals at the wayside because of Mr. Guillebeau, but I have perhaps refined the theme that ties them all together. And I believe this refinement will make it all more achievable.

So, I will be rebranding myself a bit. And, yes, everyone should have a brand–something that sums up a person’s professional and personal self. This helps you get where you want to be much faster.

This brings me to my newest goal: I would like to be a resource and example of Self-Awareness. Being able to communicate and achieve my goals is ultimately driven by my knack for and desire to understand myself. I still have a long way to go on my journey but I have discovered there are many unexplored souls out there that I can help.

I know a lot of this sounds vague but if you are inspired by what I’ve written here even in the least, I assure you there is more. There is more inspiration, but there is also substance. My job, writing, business, and personal history are a testament to the fact that I believe in real and substantial goals.

However, I cannot tell you my story in one blog post. So it will take some time.

But, I promise that if you indulge in yourself and allow me to guide you, you can be everything you want to be. I am so lucky because I have a gift of self-awareness and communications skills. The first helps me see where I want to be and the second helps me get there.

I can show you how.