No Excuses

So, the economy is not the greatest. I don’t want to dwell on that though. There is always a reason one can cite as responsible for one’s lack of success. No matter what you may believe is standing in your way, I am writing to tell you that you’re lying to yourself.

The state of the economy is not a trump card you can hold up to excuse yourself from not pursuing or achieving your dreams. I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone fail who truly tried. I have seen people try again and again but success always comes to those who want it. It’s just a matter of time.

If you are a writer, business owner, job candidate, etc. and are struggling to makes ends meet and grab that proverbial brass ring…I’m writing to say that you can have “it”–whatever “it” is for you.

It’s all about the hussle. No matter what you are looking to achieve I would like to challenge you to try harder every day. In a tough economy you have a choice–stand up or give up. If you are looking for a reason to give up, now’s your chance. Everyone will understand if you remain unemployed, unpublished, unsuccessful, unsatisfied, etc. in this economy.

Believe it or not, the ones who succeed in spite of the economy are the ones who wanted “it” badly enough.

I have been my own worst enemy too. I have told myself to give up too. I am happy to say though, that I never fully lost hope. So, whether you are looking for a job, admission to an academic program, a market niche for your new product, etc. give me a call. I will give you 15 minutes of my time at no charge to talk about how you can make your dream happen.

This may seem off the beaten path of communications (my area of specialty) but I think this is right up my alley. Articulating a plan is half the battle.

I can be reach by email (

Happy dreaming!

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