Seven Seconds to Bliss or Torture

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, Starshot Ventures Inc.

When you’re hosting an event, all of the planning can be wasted if you don’t invest in your presentation. I’m not talking money here, I’m talking time. Planning a presentation from scratch is an involved process and an important one.

You are the Message by Roger Ailes argues that your first seven seconds will determine the audience’s impression of your entire presentation. Good or bad, those first seven seconds are extremely valuable.

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Going Green Can Help Build Your Clout

by Juliana Trichilo Cina,

Being environmentally-conscious in your personal and professional life is not only good for the planet. It’s good for you!

Your reputation as a level-headed, respectful and trustworthy individual/business will benefit your career, your clout, and your overall success.

It is difficult to stand out from the crowd and become a recognizable name. However, successfully doing so gives you a foundation for pursuing future goals.

To be released on Monday May 4th is the newest edition of Shine. I have some insider knowledge of the content and think it’ll be worth reading especially for marketers and event marketers.