Ten Interview Mistakes

According to the New England Human Resources Association HR Network, the ten most common interview mistakes are:

  1. Being unprepared
  2. Lack of interest
  3. Inappropriate attire
  4. Poor body language
  5. You don’t know your own resume
  6. Being late!
  7. Unprofessionalism
  8. Rambling answers
  9. Cell phone use
  10. Poor listening

Have you been guilty of any of these in the past? You probably have. Knowledge is power so the more you learn about job interviews, the more you can avoid errors like these.

The interesting thing to me as someone who studies communications is that at least one of these no-no’s applies to every bad communications experience you’ve had in the past. It’s simple really. The things you don’t even think about can ruin your chances at success whether at a job interview or team meeting. Never under estimate your ability to offend even with the smallest gesture (or lack thereof).

Each item on the list above does not belong in any intentional and strategic communication session. They especially don’t belong at a job interview.

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