50 Questions Guaranteed To Improve Your Life

As you probably know I’m a tad obsessed with questions. I have even written two posts, 7 Killer Life Coach Questions and 20 Awesome Self Development Questions in the last year or two just to ram home my point.

As a Life Coach, questions are at the core of what I do and if I can’t ask questions that will shift a clients thinking then I’m not doing my job properly.

Simply put, the quality of the questions you ask yourself will dictate the quality of your life.

Recently as I was driving to Yoga I was passed by a woman doing about 60mph in a 40mph zone. She had two small kids in the back of her SUV and for the 2 or 3 seconds it took her to pass me, not once did she look at the road.

She was way too busy texting.

About half a mile later I pulled alongside her at some traffic lights and she was still wrapped up with something on her phone. Maybe she wasn’t texting, maybe she was actually developing an iPhone app or directing brain surgery to a medical colleague, I really have no idea.

I had a huge urge to roll my window down and shout “Do you hate your kids?”

I figured that would snap her state and maybe help her realize that she wasn’t just putting her own life and anybody unfortunate enough to be near her at risk, but her kids too.

I didn’t though, I just sat there and gawped at her in disbelief and for about the millionth time thought “When are they going to make this insanity illegal in Florida?”

As I continued on my drive I started thinking about questions again and the fact that most of us ask pretty crap questions of ourselves and as a result get pretty crap answers.

It reminded me of the joke that if Sarah Palin is the answer then it must have been a pretty dumb question in the first place.

So I thought why not drag dead Dobbin back out for another damn good flogging and regale you with 50 of the finest life changing questions this planet has ever known?

  1. Do the people I love know I love them, or do I just presume they do?
  2. What would my life be like if I was kinder to myself?
  3. If stress is fear, what am I fearful of?
  4. Will this matter in a few days/weeks/months time?
  5. What makes me think having more money will make me happier?
  6. Who can I help?
  7. Who can help me?
  8. Is that guy that just cut me up a knob or just attending an emergency?
  9. Am I loyal?
  10. Is my cell phone really necessary in the gym?
  11. What if I’m wrong?
  12. Can I let this grudge go?
  13. Is my life moving in the direction I want it to?
  14. Is that so?
  15. Is this Life Coach really trying to rip me off with his free ebook offer?
  16. Will I feel better tomorrow if I don’t eat that 9th slice of pizza?
  17. What am I grateful for?
  18. What am I looking to achieve here?
  19. If I could achieve one thing is my life, what would it be?
  20. After the event, will I be happier if I go to the gym or watch TV?
  21. What am I proud of?
  22. Do I like myself?
  23. If I don’t like myself, what can I do to help me realize I’m truly amazing?
  24. Do I truly understand that which I hate?
  25. Could I give more to those that really need it?
  26. What does my gut instinct say?
  27. Does the physical appearance of that person really tell me much about them?
  28. Will another self development book make the difference?
  29. Is TV news really improving the quality of my life?
  30. Can I go an entire day without one negative comment?
  31. Am I 100% responsible for my own life?
  32. Can I really multi-task or am I just fooling myself?
  33. Do I fully relax as often as I’d like?
  34. If not now, then when?
  35. If I don’t change now, will I regret it in 5 or 10 years time?
  36. if I stop comparing myself to others, how will I feel?
  37. Is it really ok for me to park in that handicap space?
  38. Am I jumping to conclusions?
  39. Where is the good in this?
  40. What is my body telling me?
  41. Am I setting a great example?
  42. What am I happiest doing?
  43. What if I just laughed?
  44. Will this expensive purchase make me happier in 6 months?
  45. Do I really need to clean every supermarket trolley handle to avoid premature death?
  46. Can I chose not to be offended?
  47. Do I spend enough time with the people that matter most to me?
  48. Am I honest with myself?
  49. Is this offer of a life time really the offer of a life time?
  50. Should I hire a Life Coach?

So what’s your favorite, or more to the point, have I missed out a real beauty.

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As such I can say with confidence that I will be definitely rolling this out next week.

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Reposted with permission from Tim Brownson of A Daring Adventure.

50 Questions Guaranteed To Improve Your Life

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