A simple but accurate mirror

I am a fan of The Dog Whisperer — the one and only Cesare Milan. A while back I read one of his books that made a very astute observation. Like them or not, dogs are fairly accurate psychological mirrors.

While we spend much of our lives denying our true feelings, our fury friends see right through us. If you dislike a certain person, your dog will be agitated when the person you disdain is around. If you fear going out in public, it’s likely your dog has anxiety as you prepare to leave your house.

It’s safe to say that any problem your dog has stems from one of your insecurities. So next time you want to correct your dog for his/her behaviour, look to yourself for the source. Correct your behaviour and your dog is likely to follow.

Here’s a small lesson in dog training and self awareness.

A simple but accurate mirror

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