Achieving love

I teach people how to achieve their goals using the power of words.

I am so proud and honoured when one of you succeed. I believe pursuing all goals that matter to you is always a worthy endeavour. But have you ever pursued a goal to discover it was out of reach? 

I repeat regularly to my clients and friends that, failure belongs only to those that give up. So is it ever appropriate to give up?

My heart and experience tell me you should never accept defeat. But I owe you a responsible caveat.

Sometimes your goals will depend on another person’s conviction. If it’s a business you’re discussing, success may depend on taking full ownership. But some relationships cannot be reduced to one person quite like that.

Love relationships can require reciprocity. In this case you cannot want it enough for you both. But stand alone love can exist too…love without reciprocity. And it can be just as beautiful.

Have you ever loved someone who would not or could not love you back? I want to suggest to you that you need to come to peace with the fact that the other person may not share your conviction. It may change your goals if you don’t have buy-in from all parties, but you can adapt your goals and achieve success.

I have a big heart. I can fit more people into it than most people will think is normal. But therein lays my peace. There are great loves in my life. One example is my love for my son. I love him without expectations.

If you love someone who cannot give you what you need do not do away with your love. Abandoning your conviction will haunt you. But change your goal and you can have it all.

Love because you just do. Not because you’ll get it back. But because it’s beautiful, because the one you love is loveable. If your goal is to know pure and selfless love, release your lover from all expectations.

I could write about this for days.

If you need help managing your love, setting realistic relationship goals to match your reality, or coming to peace with your conviction to love someone, I am here.

Call or email me for a one-on-one session. We can commiserate and I can attest that even one-way love can be a worthy goal.

Achieving love

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