Anger Management Help

Getting Help with Anger – Therapy, Coaching, Classes, etc.

So you have an anger problem. If you acknowledge it and truly want help you have to decide what help is best for you. When searching for appropriate anger management help, you need to be aware of the pros and cons for each of the many options available.

Anger Management Help – Therapy

Professional therapy may be the first and most obvious solution to look at when deciding to find help for anger management. Often the costs of working with medical professional can be prohibitive. When you’re searching the appropriate terms to search for would be Psychotherapist (those with Masters degrees in psychology and counselling). There are also Social Workers (those with a specific Master’s degree in the field of Social Work often specialising in short term strategies), Psychologists (those with PhDs in psychology) and Psychiatrists (Medical doctors who specialize in mental health and usually look for medical problems for which they prescribe medications). If you are suffering from a complex mental condition or even deep emotional pain, your best option is likely a medical doctor. But if your situation is less extreme and you need help with anger-related problems it is likely more appropriate and cost effective to consider a therapist.

Anger Management Help – Classes

There are two additional increasingly mainstream options that one should consider when looking for help, each with their own pluses and minuses: group or community anger classes, and private or online classes.

Group anger classes give you the opportunity to relate with people who understand your circumstances. Show up for your first class, feel out the attitude in the room and if you’re comfortable, you can share your feelings with others who are in similar positions and are dealing with similar anger issues. This is obviously important for many people, because the group support dynamic allows you to feel less alone. It’s always helpful to see you’re not an odd person. In fact, you’d be surprised at how common your struggles are across gender, age, income, etc.  Not only do group classes provide a network for you to communicate with others, but they are also generally less expensive than private sessions. You might be able to find a similar kind of consulting group for anger issues at your local community centre or church as well. Community groups are often a great option for those who feel particularly family or community oriented.

Things to Consider When Choosing Anger Management Help

One drawback for choosing group-based anger management help is the issue of privacy. Any good group facilitator will emphasize anonymity and confidentiality among the group members. But the reality is that if you are shy you may have trouble discussing your issues with a group of people. If you need to talk about your experiences and a class environment will inhibit you, a class environment might not be right for you. I always believe that you should try something before dismissing it. If you can try one class in anger management I recommend that. The same goes for private coaching with a Life Coach or therapy with a mental health practitioner. You might be surprised at how well one of these options suits you even though you always thought you wouldn’t like that approach.

Other options worth mentioning are phone or online Life Coaching so you can stay in the comfort of your home. This might be very helpful for those who want high quality help from a professional but live in an area where access to help is limited. You can also get great self study resources.

No matter what you must be willing to open up and be honest with yourself. You need to push through any nerves you have in order to overcome your personal challenges.


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Anger Management Help

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