Emotional Intelligence: Why Arrogance is Enemy # 1

No one is immune.

When we’re enjoying a period of professional excellence we run out of patience, understanding, and compassion. We forget where we started. We become out of touch with our humble beginnings. We stop enjoying simple victories. We begrudge others for slowing us down.

We self-assess ourself to believing we’re more important than before.

Over time being successful makes us think we’re somehow better than the rest. We believe our time is more valuable and our ideas more powerful. We think of ourselves pre-success and post-success as different. Once we’ve succeeded we believe we are wiser than we were before our success

It’s ok to be confident.

Knowledge is power. So when we learn how to succeed, that knowledge is a powerful tool. It’s ok to be aware of your success and how you got there. But confidence is honest awareness of one’s strengths. Arrogance is an attitude of superiority with a weak (or non existent) foundation.

Humility cannot be negotiable.

There will be a time when every one of us is down and out. We will all need the help of others at some point. When we aren’t on top any more, we remember why humility is so important. We go from intolerant of others to desparate for the care and help of others. The people who come through for us are our heroes. We appreciate them. We value them as priceless.

Wort of all…

When we’re arrogant, we don’t see our mistakes. We trust ourselves more than we trust others. By being arrogant we’re more likely to ignore our mistakes till it’s too late. We don’t listen to the warnings of others. Arrogance naturally leads to failure. And when we fail, we are taught humility again.

Emotional Intelligence: Why Arrogance is Enemy # 1

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