Author: Sorilbran Buckner

A Good Look at Habits

by Sorilbran Buckner Habits, for good or for bad, absolutely shape our daily lives. I think it was Stephen Covey who said that “our character is basically a composite of our habits.” They dictate our patterns, every moment of every day and eventually become our character.  Habits leave an indelible impression on our personal and […]

Mind Your Manners

by Sorilbran Buckner I’ll bet you can think of a hundred lessons from childhood that have remained an important part of your daily life both at home and in business.  Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons that most of us learned growing up was the importance of “please” and “thank you.” In the rush […]

Unlimiting Potential

by Sorilbran Buckner Check the science section of your favourite online magazine or print periodical and a few times a year, you’ll likely run across stories of newly discovered technologies and previously undiscovered sea creatures and various creeping things.  The thought that the earth has been in existence for billions of years in a perpetual […]

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