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Salesforce & Pardot: Align Marketing & Sales

I’ve always been a huge advocate of collaboration. There is simply nothing better than smart people coming together to achieve greater success than they could apart. This is how strong businesses are built. Specifically, aligning sales and marketing departments is a no brainer. Is it best to align sales and marketing? Today I came across […]

The Marketer’s Dilemma

I attended The Art Of Marketing in Toronto this past week. In his riveting presentation, Charles Duhigg (whose book I’m running out to purchase) said that the single most important and telling indicator of future success in a child’s life is… wait for it, wait for it … Will Power Apparently, research shows that four year […]

You Fear Failure… So You Fail

Trying to boil the ocean? Stop! Every business needs a niche. Business start ups often result from unhappy employees going off to start their own venture. If most new businesses come with lessons from the businesses that came before them, why do most start-ups fail? The easiest way to start a business is to take […]

IT Consultant Marketing

Meet the Expert on IT Consultant Marketing The range of services that an IT Consultant can sell to the business world is endless. There are a variety of IT services and products. In fact, I recently met with a brand new IT services business owner. In a group of new entrepreneurs, this IT business was leading […]

eMarketing Association Conference 2012

I’m en route to the eMarketing Association Conference in San Francisco. I’m speaking on two panels and moderating one: Panel 1: Growing email lists with social media Panel 2: Reactivating lost customers with social and email Moderating: Establishing control of the social conversation Looks like a great line up of industry leaders. In line with my fascination, […]

Market Leadership Strategies for Service Companies

Market leadership is defined by the business with the largest market share or highest profitability margin in a specific market. Some business theorists suggest that service companies always run the risk of competing neck-in-neck on price. This may work for businesses that sell virtually identical products. In the services industry, however, market leadership requires that […]

Inside and out

  Since Strategic Communications is usually focused on achieving a goal, it is easy to forget its other purpose. Novelist and poet Don Williams Jr. said, “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” If Williams is right, […]

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