Business Plan

Keep Your Eye on The Prize

Distraction is the single greatest threat to your success. Distraction can come in many forms. Emotional weakness. Competition. Netflix. Any number of things can veer you off track. Goals It is mighty easy to be derailed by everything from jealousy to Making a Murderer. We all have a weak spot for something. If your goals […]

IT Consultant Marketing

Meet the Expert on IT Consultant Marketing The range of services that an IT Consultant can sell to the business world is endless. There are a variety of IT services and products. In fact, I recently met with a brand new IT services business owner. In a group of new√ā¬†entrepreneurs, this IT business was leading […]

Market Leadership Strategies for Service Companies

Market leadership is defined by the business with the largest market share or highest profitability margin in a specific market. Some business theorists suggest that service companies always run the risk of competing neck-in-neck on price. This may work for businesses that sell virtually identical products. In the services industry, however, market leadership requires that […]

Are you ready to recover along with the recovering economy?

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, For businesses, recovery after the recession is a time for growth. The economic collapse of the past year or so has closed a lot of the mediocre businesses that were surviving on the wings of a ballooning economy. Now that the weaker competition is out of the picture, those businesses […]

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