Professional Coaching

Emotional Intelligence: Why Arrogance is Enemy # 1

No one is immune. When we’re enjoying a period of professional excellence we run out of patience, understanding, and compassion. We forget where we started. We become out of touch with our humble beginnings. We stop enjoying simple victories. We begrudge others for slowing us down. We self-assess ourself to believing we’re more important than […]

Investing in Client Relationships

Relationships matter, especially in business. When projects fall apart, timelines are strained, staff are overwhelmed, and so many other obstacles stand in the way of success, relationships keep success alive. When we care about people, (those we work with and for,) we find it within ourselves to go the extra mile. We find the resilience […]

LinkedIn with a Long Lost Relative

This week, during a LinkedIn chat, my new connection and I discover that we’re related. Yup. From humble beginnings in the south of Italy to modern day social media networking, we managed to find each other. We weren’t looking for each other per se. Rather, the conversation evolved… and I’ve found a new reason to […]

Why Established Companies Fail

Established, long standing organizations fail. They feel more secure than their young (or young at heart) competitors. They don’t think they are on their way to demise. Mostly they don’t notice because the death happens slowly. Sometimes it’s the coasting-to-failure process that’s to blame. If no one notices until it’s too late, there isn’t much […]

Keep Your Eye on The Prize

Distraction is the single greatest threat to your success. Distraction can come in many forms. Emotional weakness. Competition. Netflix. Any number of things can veer you off track. Goals It is mighty easy to be derailed by everything from jealousy to Making a Murderer. We all have a weak spot for something. If your goals […]

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