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Do You Need Job Interview Training? Part Two

Job Interview Training For the most part, every question asked in a job interview has a purpose. Some job interviews can include puzzles to assess things like problem solving skills and fast thinking. There are several possible questions and puzzles which are designed to stress you out, put you on guard, and measure how you […]

Do You Need Job Interview Training? Part One

For your job interview you must expect the unexpected. Being asked questions like what animal represents you and being evaluated in ways you don’t understand can be nerve wracking and uncomfortable. Nervousness, nausea, fear and doubt are common emotions when someone is headed into an interview, and the great importance of the result weighs on

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the Most Common job interview style

Job interviews come in many shapes and sizes. One of the most common interview styles is the one-on-one. In this job interview a hiring manager sits down with a job candidate. You usually sit across from each other at a table. The employer has already reviewed your résumé and now you have a chance to […]

Successful interview = Sales call

According to Susan Britton Whitcomb in an article at, there are four stages to a successful interview. This model can be summed up with the four Cs: Connect Clarify Collaborate Close Connecting with your interviewer is essential if you’re going to effectively communicate  your message. Clarify the details to make sure you’re on topic […]

Ten Interview Mistakes

According to the New England Human Resources Association HR Network, the ten most common interview mistakes are: Being unprepared Lack of interest Inappropriate attire Poor body language You don’t know your own resume Being late! Unprofessionalism Rambling answers Cell phone use Poor listening Have you been guilty of any of these in the past? You probably have. Knowledge […]

Body Knows Best

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, We know your knee jerk defense mechanism can hurt your communications. So how do you avoid that reaction? It is important to understand the emotional buttons behind your reaction. When you know your sensitivities you will be able to separate yourself from the situation that’s pushing your buttons. You can […]

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