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Return on Investment (ROI) for Professional Resume Writing

What is the return on investment (ROI) for having your resume professionally written? It is very important for a resume to be professionally delivered. This is the first document that an employer sees before they even see the prospective employee—you ;). If a resume isn’t professionally written, than the employer will not give you an […]

Do You Need Job Interview Training? Part Two

Job Interview Training For the most part, every question asked in a job interview has a purpose. Some job interviews can include puzzles to assess things like problem solving skills and fast thinking. There are several possible questions and puzzles which are designed to stress you out, put you on guard, and measure how you […]

Do You Need Job Interview Training? Part One

For your job interview you must expect the unexpected. Being asked questions like what animal represents you and being evaluated in ways you don’t understand can be nerve wracking and uncomfortable. Nervousness, nausea, fear and doubt are common emotions when someone is headed into an interview, and the great importance of the result weighs on

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Interview Your Job

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, When you’re searching for a new career position remember that you have to “interview job opportunities” just as much as you are yourself interviewed for the job. Of course, the traditional job search and interview process do not offer you the chance to “interview the job” for which you are […]

Does Your Executive Resume Need a Facelift or Do You?

by Meg Guiseppi As if dealing with today’s executive job search 2.0 landscape and figuring out how to position yourself above the competition in your resume weren’t difficult enough, now you’re not supposed to look like you’re over 45. Read more.

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