Personal Branding

Return on Investment (ROI) for Professional Resume Writing

What is the return on investment (ROI) for having your resume professionally written? It is very important for a resume to be professionally delivered. This is the first document that an employer sees before they even see the prospective employee—you ;). If a resume isn’t professionally written, than the employer will not give you an […]

Do You Need Job Interview Training? Part Two

Job Interview Training For the most part, every question asked in a job interview has a purpose. Some job interviews can include puzzles to assess things like problem solving skills and fast thinking. There are several possible questions and puzzles which are designed to stress you out, put you on guard, and measure how you […]

Resume Design: Should You Incorporate Colour?

Resume Design for a Competitive Marketplace According to an HP Printer advertisement I just saw, 87% of consumers are more likely to notice colour marketing materials over black and white; likewise, your target audience is up to 96% more willing to notice your messaging when it’s in color. Mathew writes on The HP Blog Hub, “colour […]

How Can You Build Your Personal Brand? Lessons from Marketing

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, References are to resumes what testimonials are to websites. Image by Getty Images via Daylife References and testimonials nurture trust–an important element when you’re trying to get a job or make a sale. Consider the value of these marketing best practices and ask yourself how you can put them to […]

Reorganizing My Goals

I have struggled to fit all my strengths into one career “bucket.” The greatest success I have had incorporating my goals into one objective was becoming a writer. Writing has allowed me to use so many of my strengths. My ability to find compassion for people, negotiate frugal deals, convince the doubtful… all of this […]

Going Green Can Help Build Your Clout

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, Being environmentally-conscious in your personal and professional life is not only good for the planet. It’s good for you! Your reputation as a level-headed, respectful and trustworthy individual/business will benefit your career, your clout, and your overall success. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd and become a […]

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