Personal Growth

Discover and Invent… You

What really moves you? I can guarantee you that the things that are important to you are a priceless guide. Have you had the classic 20-something existential crisis: What should I do with my life? Well, the answer can be found in your interests and values. Look at the big picture. Ask yourself what you […]

Who are you denying? Part 1

“Everything that a man does secretly in the darkness of night will be clearly revealed in the daylight. Words uttered in privacy will become unexpectedly common conversation. Deeds which we hide today in the corners of our lodgings will be shouted on every street tomorrow.” These are the words of author Kahlil Gibran from what […]

50 Questions Guaranteed To Improve Your Life

As you probably know I’m a tad obsessed with questions. I have even written two posts, 7 Killer Life Coach Questions and 20 Awesome Self Development Questions in the last year or two just to ram home my point. As a Life Coach, questions are at the core of what I do and if I can’t ask questions that […]

Emotional Intelligence Is Stronger Than IQ

Intelligence is a mental image of someone who is excellent in analytical reasoning, planning, and problem solving. He can comprehend basic and complex ideas.  Emotional Intelligence is another type of Intelligence that was found as an important factor in attaining success in life. It allows an individual to successfully set priorities. It is more focused […]

A Good Look at Habits

by Sorilbran Buckner Habits, for good or for bad, absolutely shape our daily lives. I think it was Stephen Covey who said that “our character is basically a composite of our habits.” They dictate our patterns, every moment of every day and eventually become our character.  Habits leave an indelible impression on our personal and […]

Unlimiting Potential

by Sorilbran Buckner Check the science section of your favourite online magazine or print periodical and a few times a year, you’ll likely run across stories of newly discovered technologies and previously undiscovered sea creatures and various creeping things.  The thought that the earth has been in existence for billions of years in a perpetual […]

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