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The Marketer’s Dilemma

I attended The Art Of Marketing in Toronto this past week. In his riveting presentation, Charles Duhigg (whose book I’m running out to purchase) said that the single most important and telling indicator of future success in a child’s life is… wait for it, wait for it … Will Power Apparently, research shows that four year […]

How to Win An Argument — Be Wrong

You need to be wrong. We all have the unquenchable need to be right. Some of us need to be right more often and on more issues than others but the truth is we all like being right. In particular, when an issue is important to us it’s very hard for us to say, “You’re […]

Where instinct ends

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, Instinctively newborns know how to suckle. They need to eat and so their bodies are made to do so. Communicating is not as instinctual. Sure, babies will cry when they need changing, burping, or food; but, there’s nothing strategic about it. In fact, if mothers were not hard wired to […]

Hard/Soft Skills Hurting Your Career?

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, Hard skills are abilities that are well-defined and measurable. They represent the minimum skills necessary to do a specific job. This is where employers start screening to weed out unqualified job applicants. Examples of hard skills include: spreadsheet skills software application proficiency operating machinery typing software development speaking a foreign […]

Why Doesn’t Your Resume Get You the Interview?

You send out countless emails, electronic submissions, faxes–or whatever your choice resume submission tool may be–only to get few to no replies. You spend hours on job boards. Your family and friends are pimping your resume out at work and to friends. You ask yourself what’s the point in continuing the fight when your results […]

Do You Have a Life Plan?

When you start a business, a business plan is often the first step. If you avoid creating one, lenders/investors will ultimately force the issue until you have a plan in hand. Life is far more complicated than most businesses and definitely more important, but do you have a Life Plan? Those with a Life Plan […]

Stay Lean to Compete

One of the greatest virtues of strong communications is its concise nature. No one likes to read text that rambles on indefinitely and without purpose. The more succinct and focused one’s writing, the more effective. It truly is that simple. Business can learn a great deal from the “Lean Writing Philosophy.” Manufacturing industries have been […]

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