Sales Skills

Body Knows Best

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, We know your knee jerk defense mechanism can hurt your communications. So how do you avoid that reaction? It is important to understand the emotional buttons behind your reaction. When you know your sensitivities you will be able to separate yourself from the situation that’s pushing your buttons. You can […]

The Costly Knee Jerk Problem

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, You simply cannot be an effective communicator unless you can control your feelings. Without this control you are always in jeopardy of losing your composure. If a person or subject pushes your buttons, you will likely become defensive. It doesn’t matter whether your buttons elicit anger, sadness, arrogance, or any […]

How to Yield an 85% Response Rate with Top Decision Makers?

by Hugh Vagt, Starshot Ventures Inc. You’ve just finished your sales event and you’re ready to follow-up. You need to re-connect with your prospects, reaffirm your offer, and coax them into reaching for the phone, or meeting you in person. Where do you start? Regaining the attention of top decision makers after a sales event […]

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