When Are You Done?

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, jtcina.com If you’re a perfectionist, you may never complete a project because it’s never quite perfect. If there are millions of perfectionists that manage to get things done, what’s their secret? Learning to let go before you’ve reached your standards is a difficult thing to do. But, it’s a lesson you […]

Reorganizing My Goals

I have struggled to fit all my strengths into one career “bucket.” The greatest success I have had incorporating my goals into one objective was becoming a writer. Writing has allowed me to use so many of my strengths. My ability to find compassion for people, negotiate frugal deals, convince the doubtful… all of this […]

Stay Lean to Compete

One of the greatest virtues of strong communications is its concise nature. No one likes to read text that rambles on indefinitely and without purpose. The more succinct and focused one’s writing, the more effective. It truly is that simple. Business can learn a great deal from the “Lean Writing Philosophy.” Manufacturing industries have been […]

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