Choose the Change

by Juliana Trichilo Cina,

You can’t fight for or against anything of which you are unaware. The brilliance and power of twitter in the fight for true democracy in Iran can only exist because of the brilliance and power of information. Without social media, free media, freelancers, bloggers, education, the Internet, and free voices everywhere, Iranians might not know what they do today about what alternative governing styles exist.

I can’t shake the idea though, that even the “free world” is in a bubble. We also exist in Plato’s cave, it’s just that the democratic cave appeases instead of oppresses. (At least it isn’t openly oppressive, and that’s its magic.)

When I walked into POL200, an introductory political philosophy course at the University of Toronto, something happened that I will never forget. Professor Pangle, whose arrogance and wisdom attracted my attention, questioned Why democracy? And I realized, Well, because that’s what we know.

Humans fear change. We fear the unknown. And sometimes we exist in a terrible state for fear that it could be worse. And, yes, it could be worse. But if you avoid change out of fear, you’re more likely to find disaster than if you educate yourself on the forms of change available to you and choose the change you prefer.

I’m so tired of hearing how miserable people are when they refuse to make a change or even acknowledge the alternatives.

Life’s too short to bitch about stuff you can change. Discover your surroundings and choose the path you actually want.


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Until next time, smile and be your best self!

Choose the Change

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