Could passion be the road to success??

I once quit a “great” government job because it didn’t make me happy. For the most part my friends and family thought I was stupid. How could I pass up the hours, benefits, vacation, etc.? Well, I almost took up smoking as an excuse to leave the office for breaks more often. When I realized this “awesome” job was likely to give me lung cancer, I figured it was time to bow out.

Recently, I discovered I made a good decision to leave. Studies show that following one’s passions leads to greater financial success. Srully Blotnick at Forbes magazine conducted a study that found students who rejected lucrative offers upon graduation to follow their passions were more financially successful twenty years later.

It makes sense that pursuing your dreams leads to greater success even if only because you are more likely to work hard for something you love. Still, I feel better about having left that sweet government gig now that I know such a choice has led to greater financial success for others before me.

Could passion be the road to success??

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