Create Your Personal Brand

How to Create a Personal Brand

Individuality is key. In a competitive world, the person who blends in will rarely get hired, promoted or appreciated in any way. The thing is we’re taught to blend in. We’re taught to conform. Standing out is something we have to work at because it doesn’t come naturally. Branding identifies your unique and stand-out-worthy qualities. Branding makes it possible for you to sum up your best self in a statement, icon, or other creative means of communications. In business, a brand is a name or symbol that distinguishes a product or service from the rest. In personal marketing, a statement or icon is the best way to communicate a brand.

If a brand is capable of success, it must convey unique, genuine qualities. This uniqueness comes from a variety of things. Keep it simple, make sure it is an authentic reflection of you, and build it upon your unique experiences.

Visually for example, something simplistic is far more likely to be remembered than something overly complicated. This is very much the case in terms of logos. Take Apple Computers—a simple image of an apple has become an icon that is now recognized around the world. No doubt the simplicity appealed to far more people than complexity ever could. In terms of sound, simplicity proves the best option as well. For example, a name that is hard to pronounce is harder to remember. If being memorable is a goal, find a way to make your brand, and your name if possible, appealing and digestible. Stay away from too much industry jargon and tongue twisters.

If you get the importance of keeping it simple, we need to move on to being trustworthy and genuine. You are looking to instill trust in your brand. If your resume reads like a sales pitch you might come off as slick and insincere. Honesty works best here. Be completely honest about what motivates you. If you sell yourself as committed to driving profits but you really just want to help people, you might find yourself coming off as fake. Be real.

Being real will land you a job you actually want!!

Although we were all told at a very young age not to judge a book by its cover, doing so is almost impossible. This “first impression” is so important and it starts with your personal brand on your resume. Create that brand by being honest, simple and clear.

Here’s an example of a branding statement for founder, Juliana Trichilo Cina:


Strategic Communications Consultant

“Committed to understanding communications psychology and inspiring successful conversations”


If you don’t have something like this on your resume, you have two options. Hire an expert to build your brand and draft your resume for you or start brainstorming and drafting one today. Waiting only hurts your job search.

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Create Your Personal Brand

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