Do Communications Skills Determine Success?

If you’ve ever had a job interview, conducted a presentation, or written an email, communication plays an important role in your drive for success. Too often we ignore the value of communications skills. But the truth is communications skills make a huge difference.

Look at Obama. There are likely many people as qualified and intelligent as he is. But, few have the power to communicate as well. Obama’s communications skills undoubtedly got him the American Presidency. On the other hand, Bush’s inability to communicate in a convincing and focused manner made Americans lose faith in him.

Being able to control your communications can help you be diplomatic with teammates, attractive to followers, and trustworthy to leaders. Use the wrong language or gesture and be prepared for negative results.

Ask yourself, can I improve my communications skills? All things being equal, the better you communicate, the farther you’ll get in your quest toward achieving success.

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