Earn & Burn

We live in an earn and burn culture. We spend little time considering our long-term goals. If, however, you have lofty hopes for your life and career, you have to stop burning and start earning.

When I say earn, I don’t just mean earn money. There are many assets you need to achieve various goals. You may need specific academic credentials, soft skills training, licensing, partners, and perhaps most importantly, a plan.

As a communications consultant, my clients often have a goal in mind, but need my help to articulate what is required to reach it. Some are students looking to secure a sport scholarship at a particular school, others may be looking to advance their careers or start a business. I help identify what is missing in your equation and then I help you acquire the puzzle pieces that relate to communications.

It is important to notice that most things involve communications: resumes, websites, personal marketing, life plans, business plans, etc. If you are struggling to achieve a particular goal, you need to consider where you rank as a communicator. Chances are that poor communications at some stage is hurting your progress.

Don’t worry about getting that next electronic device or your plans next weekend…most of these things are band-aids meant to tide us over in the miserable meantime. Burning your energy and resources on easy-to-acquire dreams may provide an immediate fix, but it is temporary.

If you want to truly be happy in the meantime, work on reaching the tomorrow of your dreams. It will be hard work but I promise you’ll appreciate it more because you earned it.

Earn & Burn

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