Events are Key to Driving Sales

According to EventView 2009: Global, relationships and live experiences are the best tools for driving sales.

In spite of statistical proof that event marketing delivers top results, the report reveals many organizations do not leverage event marketing as much as they could. Executives believe that events provide superior ROI but don’t do enough with this knowledge. That’s why EventView argues event marketers must take a lead. Agreeing in principle that event marketing ROI is strong is very different than seeing the results of real events on paper.

The EventView Global Report series provides the latest insight into event marketing trends. This year’s report offers some enlightening statistics and conclusions.

  • 73% of respondents state that they engage in some form of post-event measurement with 6% of the event marketing budget spent on measurement activities
  • Among Global respondents, companies that measure event performance are nearly 43% more likely to expect increases in their marketing budget than those that do not measure
  • 52% choose event marketing as the discipline that best accelerates and deepens relationships followed by public relations at 21%
  • 30% of respondents choose event marketing as the marketing discipline that provides the greatest ROI followed by Web marketing at 21%*

In conclusion, there’s no point in investing in any marketing or sales initiative if you don’t plan on measuring the results of your investment. Secondly, data shows event marketing ROI trumps any other marketing tactic and yet events are not the number one marketing tactic. It doesn’t make sense.

Chances are you’re not using event marketing more than any other marketing tactic in your strategy. The good news is your competition is likely not ahead of you on this one. The bad news is you’re not ahead of them either.

Events are Key to Driving Sales

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