Does everyone have a coach?

Not everyone has a life, professional, career or business coach, BUT the numbers may be higher than you think.

If you're considering whether to try out a success coach for any area of your life, consider these statistics:

According to the UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, 51% of surveyed companies "consider coaching as a key part of learning development" and "crucial to their strategy." More importantly, 90% of respondents report they "use coaching."

The art of coaching is often taught to managers to enhance their managing and leadership abilities, rather than to mentor staff. In other words, coaching and management go hand-in-hand. 

Makes you wonder about your professional development. If you're currently a manager, can your position go to someone who's been sharpening their skill set through coaching? How about your promotion?


I offer up to five complimentary 30 minute consultations each month to individuals who are serious about coaching but are still unsure whether working with a coach is right for them. Contact me by email or phone if you're interested in the free consultation. I'll help you see if you qualify and book your appointment if you do.

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