Extraordinary Accomplishments Start with a Dream

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, jtcina.com

What’s your dream? I’m not trying to inspire you just for the sake of adrenaline. I’m seriously asking you to name your dream.

You may want a specific job or hope to travel the world. You may want to be the best soccer mom there ever was. Learn a language, go skydiving, raise a million dollars for your favourite charity.

You have to have a dream. You have to be willing to dream. You have to say your dream out loud. You have to try your best to achieve it. You have to risk failing.

My dreams are very lofty. I have many of them and I’ve never been afraid to say them aloud. Here are a few of my dreams:

1. Write a novel (that gets published).
2. Earn a PhD in Political Science.
3. Make an impact as a human rights advocate.

These are not small goals and they will take a great deal of effort to bring to fruition. But, if past experience tells me anything about my capacity to realize my goals I have a decent chance of success.

Here are a few goals I’ve already accomplished:
1. Acquiring a Master’s of Arts degree in Constitutional Politics
2. Having an academic paper published.
3. Becoming a writer that survives by doing what she loves.

Not one of these accomplishments came easy. But I’ve been discovering that if I can dream it, I can also make it come true.

Think about your life goals. Write them down. Tell someone who can be excited for you. I don’t care if your goals are to run a country, a marathon, or a household. You can do anything if you can dream it.


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Until next time, smile and be your best self!

Extraordinary Accomplishments Start with a Dream

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