Google Engage Master Class

Today I am at the Google Engage Master Class. My marketing division at has partnered directly with Google to master Adwords for our clients. Google Adwords is all about finding a relevant audience for your product or service. Canadian Marketing agency Cardinal Path is speaking as I write this.

First of all, I love Google. Everything they do is cool. Even this event is run with class. Secondly, I love anything that will allow me to deliver quality leads to my customers. Google Adwords is central to lead generation because Google is the number one search engine in Canada. Google search leaves Bing, Yahoo, Ask, et al. in the dust.

I’m always available for a chat if you’re reading this and are curious about my company’s relationship with Google and whether Adwords could work for your business. We even have free Google dollars for new customers.

Anyway, business today is competitive. I get really excited about new and improved ways to communicate to the right audience effectively. And, on that front, Google rocks!

Google Engage Master Class

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