Guilty of Noise


I’m just as guilty as you are. We fill up our lives with so many things: materials, activities, you name it, we’re drowning in it. We have jobs, and hobbies, and volunteer work, and family. We strive to be awesome at all of it. And, to be honest, I think we can be awesome at a number of things. I make a point of ignoring illusions that tell me that my potential is limited.

I want to be (and absolutely can be) a great marketer, writer, speaker, trainer, strategist, business woman… sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. But the path is always in a positive direction.

So, if I’m comfortable with big and varied goals, what is this noise I mentioned at the start?

Noise is when we’re so busy we don’t have a moment of calm. It’s when we’re so caught up in getting things done that we neglect to reflect.

Virginia Woolf, one of my absolute favourite thinkers, told the world women (and men) need time and a room of their own in order to be creative. Leonardo da Vinci was a master of many crafts and he also believed that we need time for quiet reflection in order to be creative and get inspired.

If minds like da Vinci and Woolf suggest too much noise, activity, demands (call it what you like) are problematic, that’s enough for me to believe it.

So why guilty? Because we bring it upon ourselves. The same way we choose our goals we also choose a stressful and stifling life IF we don’t make room for quiet, peace, and reflection.

Furthermore, we limit our creativity and capacity to perform by being so busy we can’t figure out how to be good at any of the number of things we’re busy doing. In effect, we’re too busy to be good.

Guilty of Noise

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