Happiness leads to productivity

Cynics would say that it’s impossible to like your job. But research shows that when you achieve happiness at work, it pays off in profits.

According to a Gallup survey on the impact of employee attitudes on business, happy employees are more productive and profitable. Specifically, organizations whose employees demonstrated above average positivity toward their work, had 38% higher scores in customer satisfaction, 27% higher profits, and 22% higher productivity.

If you’re an employer or manager, can you afford to have an unhappy workforce? Seriously. Unhappy employees hurt your revenue and customer satisfaction levels. The market is more cut throat than ever. Just about every niche is saturated with competition. Having a happy staff seems like an easy way to stay ahead of the competition. Not to mention, a happy workplace is easier to wake up for every day.

Consider ways to nurture a happy workforce. Offer (1) corporate training to keep staff at their best, (2) professional development coaching for constructive feedback, and (3) teambuilding activities to tighten your team’s loyalty. These are just a few options. Investing in your staff usually cultivates a feeling of appreciation and value. Investing in your staff is like investing in your business.

Do something to make work into a happier place. If higher revenue isn’t enough of a reason, being happy at work should be enough of a reward on its own.

Happiness leads to productivity

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