Happiness 101

If nothing changed in your life today, could you be happy? We believe that happiness is elusive and we have to acquire it. We tell ourselves that we’ll be happy IF we get whatever it is we’ve been wanting. I work with people all the time that have plenty of reasons to be happy. We work together to achieve their goals, but they’re never satisfied. Happiness is a state of mind. I can help you, as many Life Coaches and Therapists can, to become your best self. But only you can choose to be happy.

If you’re interested in this topic, let me know and maybe I’ll host a free webinar on the topic. For now, watch this great talk by ├é┬áSrikumar Rao entitled “Plug into your hard-wired happiness.”

Srikumar Rao: Plug into your hard-wired happiness

I watched this presentation today and it reminded me of some important lessons I had buried away. Interestingly, I watched this talk because I wasn’t very happy today. In other words, I chose happiness by watching this video… and it worked.


Happiness 101

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