Implementing Your Life Plan

There are a number of elements one must consider when developing a Life Plan. The piece I want to write about today is implementation.

Most people are really good at planning or implementation. Very few people are good at both.

For those who are great at planning, the trouble is that the planning never ends. You’ve got to take the plunge. Of course, having a plan or foundation is one way to increase one’s chances at success. But there is no such thing as a perfect plan or a perfect implementation for that matter. There comes a point where every planner must hussle.

When it comes to implementation, you will be needing every skill in your arsenal to execute successfully. Part of a good plan means ensuring you have the tools in place to act when the time comes. Communications is your number one skill when it comes to implementation.

Nurturing your communications skills will enable you to articulate and unfold your intentions tactfully and with focus.

You may have a great plan in place but two more things are necessary for you to succeed. Firstly, you have to leave the planning stage behind and begin to implement that plan. Secondly, your planning stage must include preparing you with the skills you need in order to execute your plan.

You can do anything you want to do. Achieve anything you want to achieve. To do so, you need a plan, skills for implementation, and implementation.


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Implementing Your Life Plan

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