The Importance of a Cover Letter

This is your opportunity to make a first impression. We all know how powerful first impressions can be. Putting this principle to work for you means crafting an effective cover letter that truly speaks to its reader.

When you sit in front of your blank page to start drafting forget about the pressure of writing about yourself. What would you like to see in a job candidate? While desired skills will vary according to the industry to which you are applying most employers are looking for the same qualities: reliability, ability to take instruction, independence when necessary, positivity, being a team player, also able to be a team leader, good communications skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, and the list goes on….

The truth is soft skills and personality get you the job. Make sure to include your transferable skills in your cover letter. Convey your ability to understand the big picture. And, most importantly, inject a bit of personality. Make your cover letter unique. Use an image, anecdote, etc. to help the reader see you as a person. Before you know it your cover letter will start getting you interviews. 😉

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The Importance of a Cover Letter

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