Imposter Syndrome: Friend or Foe?

Imposter Syndrome is the personal and internal perception that you are a fraud. It’s the self doubt that creeps up on even the most accomplished people. It can hold back individuals with high potential. It can provide an internal devil’s advocate. This fear is real, documented, researched, and manifests as anxiety.

When is Imposter Syndrome a Problem?
Imposter syndrome can be merit-less hindrance if…

  • your sense of fear concerning your abilities and competencies outweighs your sense of confidence
  • you let your fear of failure guide your decision making about what challenges you’ll take on
  • you second guess the legitimacy of your expertise in spite of proven experiences and accomplishments

Can Imposter Syndrome Help You?
If, on the other hand, you relegate imposter syndrome to a role of sober second thought and self awareness, you can use this to your advantage. It can serve as an internal litmus test for your likelihood to succeed. Or consider it a practical quality control tool against which to measure your ideas. If you don’t let imposter syndrome rule you, it might actually benefit from it.

Imposter Syndrome: Friend or Foe?
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