Discover and Invent… You

What really moves you? I can guarantee you that the things that are important to you are a priceless guide. Have you had the classic 20-something existential crisis: What should I do with my life? Well, the answer can be found in your interests and values. Look at the big picture. Ask yourself what you would be thinking about on your deathbed. What would matter to you then?

Ask yourself the simple question: What is most important to me in life? Ask again and again until you build a list. Once you’ve got your list, then prioritize that list. Here is my list as an example:

  1. Self Love and Esteem
  2. Love (Romantic, Familial and Friends)
  3. Joy, Music, Smiling… Joy in Everyday Life
  4. Significance… Mattering to the World
  5. Personal Growth, Learning and Progress
  6. Connecting with Others
  7. Taking Care of People
  8. Receiving Validation
  9. Experiencing Thrills in Life
  10. Leaving a Legacy
  11. Sharing my Knowledge and Stories

Your list can and should be as long as you need it to be.

This list may be the most important tool you’ll ever need for making decisions. If you are investing time and energy in areas that do not satisfy any of your values, you are likely wasting your time. You will not feel satisfied and rewarded in life if you do not honour your values.

Choose a career, hobbies, friends, etc. that really move you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.  Taking a well rounded and thorough approach to life requires that you live with intention. Fate, destiny, and circumstance might play a role but you need to position yourself in the right place, surrounded by the right people. You can only set yourself up for success if you know what matters to you. Further to that, you can only accurately assess the opportunities that become available to you if you know what you’re measuring against. A list of values is the perfect measuring stick.

Many individuals do not live with purpose, with intention. If you are simply letting life happen to you, taking what life sends your way, you could be setting yourself up for great regret. Going with what feels good at the moment may not be strategic. And strategy may be the only way to have a life you can be proud of when all is said and done.

There was a time when I let life just happen to me. I worked for my parents in a business that was not my choosing. I was good at it, but I was unable to truly unleash my creativity and purpose. I went out on my own and took jobs in policy making, academic resource sales and consulting, marketing communications, to name a few. I enjoyed parts of each job. But none were quite right. I searched high and low. There wasn’t a job that gave me exactly what I wanted. So…. (drum roll) I invented a role for myself.

I started a business that allows me to constantly grow my self love and self confidence, become a stronger and healthier person in my personal love relationships, experience the joy of connecting with people in fun and inspiring circumstances, grow and learn and progress personally, take care of people while sharing my insights, and hopefully, leave a legacy in my wake.

My business is speakUP. I teach people to achieve their goals by getting in touch with their self awareness, gaining understanding and compassion for their audience, and communicating strategically in pursuit of their goals. I built a business for which there was no specific need, market research, etc. I invented something that mattered to me. And it turns out it matters to you too. I am experiencing great success.

Had I consulted market research and existing paradigms alone, I would not be where I am today. Where I am today did not exist before I built it for myself. Do the same for your self. Discover and invent you!!

If you need help doing that I’m available to personally coach you. You can also check out my training options and see if there is something already built for you there. And if you’re just looking for my kind of inspiration, you can always have me speak for your group or organization. Call 1.877.477.3250… it’s actually me, Juliana, that picks up the phone. Let’s get you where you should be. 🙂

Don’t let outside influences dictate your choices in life; instead, invent yourself. It is incredible how much power, control and direction you have built in to you. It’s there, you just have to tap into it.


Discover and Invent… You

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