Investing in Client Relationships

Relationships matter, especially in business. When projects fall apart, timelines are strained, staff are overwhelmed, and so many other obstacles stand in the way of success, relationships keep success alive.

When we care about people, (those we work with and for,) we find it within ourselves to go the extra mile. We find the resilience to push past normal boundaries when we are invested in a deeper way.

Staying connected.

With so many projects, how can you prioritize them all? How do you know what to put first? How do you know you’ve made the right choices?

I can’t help but think of a clip from Jerry Maguire’s mission statement:

"’The key to this business is personal relationships.’ Suddenly, it was all pretty clear. The answer was fewer clients. Less money. More attention. Caring for them, caring for ourselves…."

More begets more.

The more we know, the more we care, the more we can deliver. When that knowledge and care and delivery is diluted to reach more clients and bring in more coin, everyone suffers. Our clients get subpar quality and results. We extract less job satisfaction. Our businesses perform poorly because we can’t keep clients. Everyone suffers.

Deeper, more meaningful relationships in business means we are more likely to be authentically aligned with client goals. We are more likely to be intrinsically motivated. We are more likely to succeed.

How real are your business relationships?

As you reflect back on projects, accounts, quotas, etc., take authenticity into account. How deeply do you know the people and brands you serve? How much do you care? What affect are these answers having on your success?

Investing in Client Relationships

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