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The range of services that an IT Consultant can sell to the business world is endless. There are a variety of IT services and products. In fact, I recently met with a brand new IT services business owner. In a group of new entrepreneurs, this IT business was leading the pack. This industry is thriving and growing. So as the industry competition thickens, marketing effectively to this market becomes all the more difficult. The audience of business owners making IT buying decisions is unique. They are savvy. They are number crunchers. And they won’t waste time reading advertising that doesn’t speak to them. Working with an expert who understands how to market your IT consulting business is key to success.

Marketing Effectively to the IT World

I can only give away some of my secrets because I offer a paid workshop on this that I am confident will rock your world. But I will give you a few  gems that will hugely improve marketing Return on Investment (ROI) in the IT Consulting world.

1. Build or buy a list. (If you build and nurture a list over time you can have more details on the leads.)
2. Offer regular events with great info freebies and tips on IT operations.
3. Build a system that automatically converts your list into a buying community.

It’s that simple. Well, there are some details along the way. But if you can figure out how to deliver these three, you will have a healthy sales pipeline that delivers real leads.

My Experience in IT Consultant Marketing

I have been working with persuasion psychology for over 10 years. I have been in customer service and sales since 1992 and in marketing since 2004. In the last four years, I have been working directly and primarily in the IT world. If that all wasn’t enough, the brands I have serviced in IT are among the best. I have worked with Microsoft, countless Microsoft partners, Avanade, Accenture, Dell and more. With my teams, we tested everything as we worked. We saw customer response in real-time and adjusted campaigns accordingly. In short, if it works for the biggest brands in IT services, software and hardware, it will work for you.

The brilliant thing is that the approaches working for these brands do not have to be high cost. In fact, these techniques can be executed with little or no budget at all.

I will reiterate, the money is in the list. The sales are in the events.

If you want to know more, call for private coaching or training. Or, ask me about a free briefing session. I’m so committed to results that I am confident once I explain the system in more detail you will see the value.

Don’t forget you can call 1.877.477.3250 or email!


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IT Consultant Marketing
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