Keep Your Eye on The Prize

Distraction is the single greatest threat to your success. Distraction can come in many forms. Emotional weakness. Competition. Netflix. Any number of things can veer you off track.


It is mighty easy to be derailed by everything from jealousy to Making a Murderer. We all have a weak spot for something. If your goals matter to you, you must be diligent. 

Be on high alert.

If you’re going to stay on track, you need to have clearly set goals. Build a plan to get yourself across the finish line. Include risks and threats in your planning so you will be watching for distractions from the beginning.

We never see it coming.

We are really good at looking everywhere but the mirror when we fail. Truth be told, we never see the distraction coming. We don’t realize it when we go off course. We justify our choices. We pretend the distraction is more important than the goal. We tell ourselves we had no choice but to switch up our priorities. Surprises and rationalizations aside, when we drop the ball, the mirror is the most important place to look.

Blame is just a way to shift discomfort.

Don’t be one of those suckers who takes the easy path of blaming other people and factors when your goals slip away. Look in the mirror and look hard. Have you named your goals? Do you have a real plan? Are you prepared to protect your goals from threats? Are you willing and strong enough to be the reason for success or failure. 

You will be distracted.

Mark my words… something important will come around and your attention may shift, even momentarily. Will you notice? Will you see the hijacking take place? Will you follow the path of least resistance and chase the distraction? Or will you stay the course? 

Keep Your Eye on The Prize
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