Learn About Yourself

by Juliana Trichilo Cina, jtcina.com

Self-awareness is an exercise in whys.

Every single person who has ever lived developed personal patterns, behaviours and beliefs. Once those formed few people actually question why?

Why do I like oatmeal? …because it reminds of a safe childhood?
Why does shopping make me feel better? …because it’s a distraction?
Why do remember everyone’s birthday? …because I want to be remembered?

You didn’t just accidentally become the person you are today. You choose your behaviours and beliefs. And, there’s a reason for each and every one of them.

Exercise: Take a mundane part of your existence today and ask yourself why?

Why you prefer the elevator to the stairs…
Why you are a huge indie music fan…
Why you picked a fight with your mother this morning…
Why are you at work today…
Why did you pick your job or academic program…
Why do you open the blinds in the morning…
Why did you choose the paint colour in your bedroom…

Ask yourself why five times to find the root of your behaviour.

Why do you prefer the stairs to the elevator?
-Because it’s easier.
Why do you prefer the easier option?
-Because my life is so stressful I simply can’t add another minute to my day.
Why can’t you fit another minute into your day?
-Because I’m already struggling to keep up.
Why are you struggling?
-Because I feel like I have to be the best. Because I’ve stopped liking my job.
Why do you have to be the best?
-Because I’m afraid to be worthless!

Suddenly you can understand your choices and potentially make better ones going forward.

Every single one of these choices has a root cause. Finding out the causes in your life is a lifelong process in self-awareness. Understanding yourself helps you make better decisions, form healthier reactions, and ultimately possess a happier life.


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Until next time, smile and be your best self!

Learn About Yourself

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