LinkedIn with a Long Lost Relative

This week, during a LinkedIn chat, my new connection and I discover that we’re related. Yup.

From humble beginnings in the south of Italy to modern day social media networking, we managed to find each other. We weren’t looking for each other per se. Rather, the conversation evolved… and I’ve found a new reason to love LinkedIn.

Great story, right?

I’m generally not a shy person. Sometimes you might even describe me as socially bold. But even I am surprised to have met my cousin this way. The social media networking possibilities seem endless.

Whose is out there?

I’ve met some great people online. I’ve met social media friends in person for a coffee. I’ve done business with folks in my online network. I might even call some of them true friends.

Crazier still…

In spite of my recent online family reunion, I think there is something more surprising that I’ve discovered over social media. On LinkedIn in particular, through interactions and observations, I’ve gained respect for specific individuals that I’ve only known online. True and deep respect.

I’m inspired.

Now that I’ve met my cousin through social media, I want to dig deeper. Who knows how much I might have in common with any one of those in my network.

Are you getting the most out of your online network? How might you deepen your engagement?

LinkedIn with a Long Lost Relative

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