Magic Beans, Social Objects and Your Next Event

This year’s Promotional Product Professionals of Canada Trade Show just wrapped up today. I attended briefly hoping for some new event giveaway ideas. In the mix were some exciting options specifically for green events.

My favourite was the laser-engraved magic beans. Yes, you read that correctly. Courtesy of you can select a word or logo to accompany your campaign. This image gets printed on five beans/seeds that you can give away to your event attendees. For those that believe in magic, they can use a planter or outdoor garden and watch the image grow in size as the seed sprouts. The image will eventually fall away but the sentiment will live on with the plant.

I like this promotional give away for a few reasons – because of it’s simplicity and uniqueness; it suits green themed events; and, it’s flexible enough to work with a number of non-green themes.

Prospects are more likely to appreciate a gift that is more than the sum of its parts. Planting a magic bean with your son or daughter is an experience any parent will appreciate. Not to mention, the planterwith your logo printed up front stays around for a while as the family watches the inspiring magic beans grow.

Social objects of this kind are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing world. They are important because they spark thought, discussion, and action. Promotional giveaways should no longer be meaningless trinkets that some hoard and some discard. They should be functional, purposeful, and communicative. If your event giveaway doesn’t pass this threshold, look for an alternative.

Magic Beans, Social Objects and Your Next Event

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