My Anger Management Class :)

[twothirds] [/twothirds] [onethird] I offer an Anger Management and Conflict Resolution course. I put together this video to answer any questions you might have about the class. It is good for people who want personal improvement, have a court requirement, or need to satisfy an employment training request (e.g. Bill 168). The class usually runs […]

Who told you to live that way?

We spend way too much time living according to the standards and rules of others. I read something really cool today. It’s a quote from Steve Jobs. I add a little commentary but the gist is this, get in touch with your inner self and realize that life’s too short to live a life someone […]

eMarketing Association Conference 2012

I’m en route to the eMarketing Association Conference in San Francisco. I’m speaking on two panels and moderating one: Panel 1: Growing email lists with social media Panel 2: Reactivating lost customers with social and email Moderating: Establishing control of the social conversation Looks like a great line up of industry leaders. In line with my fascination, […]

Before anyone looks at your résumé, a computer does

Online prescreening is a popular alternative to having a costly team of people sift through the countless résumés submitted daily. In fact, a Rocket Hire survey found that 95% of companies that make between 151 and 500 hiring decisions a year use a software screening tool. That means your résumé has to look good to software whereas you are likely

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Facebook profiles can predict job performance

According to a recent report published in the “Journal of Applied Social Psychology,” a person’s Facebook page might have a greater impact than previously thought on whether or not s/he is chosen for a job. Researchers found Facebook pages were better predictors of aptitude than traditional methods for screening candidates. Experts have long advised against posting too much

Talk for your Listener

It’s a funny thing… we all think we send clear messages. But if you’ve ever played a game of telephone you’d know how messed up messages can get. So what happens when you say something important? The game of interpretation is a dangerous one. It wastes time, money and energy. If you could only say

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