Discover and Invent… You

What really moves you? I can guarantee you that the things that are important to you are a priceless guide. Have you had the classic 20-something existential crisis: What should I do with my life? Well, the answer can be found in your interests and values. Look at the big picture. Ask yourself what you […]

Exercise Your Mind With The Success Series

Most people would agree that the “essential” business success strategies are a combination of goal setting, a positive attitude, proper motivation, teamwork, high ideals, and hard, no, SMART work. In evaluating success strategies it seems to me that I have missed probably one of the more difficult ones: RISK. In business dealings, in relationships, in

6 Simple Self Improvement Tips

The following self improvement tips will aid you in your efforts to begin your personal development endeavours. You will find yourself achieving new levels of fulfillment by incorporating them into your daily life. If personal development and growth interests you, there is a good chance you are constantly looking for reliable techniques that will stimulate

Can You Get Codependency Treatment?

When it comes to codependency treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all method. There’s not magic pull that will aid you get over being codependent. There is no way around it, it will take hard work in order to overcome being a codependent. Codpendency treatment can be difficult and painful at times. There’s no quick fix! The

When was the last time you could say this?

“I’m in a good, healthy, and happy place.” I know it may seem unnatural to look yourself in the mirror and say kind and motivating messages to yourself. But recognize that it is only unnatural because it is unfamiliar. The more uncomfortable it makes you the more you should do it. Recently someone asked me […]

You Lead, I Follow – The Non-Leader

A lot of focus has been placed on being a good leader. In fact, there is more literature about good leadership than any other management topic. This is because leadership covers not only management, but it involves teams, motivation and even our social lives. But what of the people who consider themselves non-leaders? If you

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