Business #AMA – Pregnant & Bored – Offering Free Business Advice – I Invite You To Ask Me Anything

What does a workaholic do when they’re supposed to be taking it easy? This… 


I am pregnant, very very pregnant. And I’m a business machine and I just can’t sit still.

To put this in context… I’ve been working since grade 6. I am obsessed with business challenges that seem insurmountable (to most). I have spent my career launching and growing businesses. For one of my recent clients, I led initiatives in rebranding, marketing, sales, continuous improvement, project management and IT! In three short years, we more than doubled revenue. We hit our three-year targets 40% ahead of schedule. I gave up my desk because I never sat down.

I’ve already exhausted all baby prep options. Nursery is prepped and painted. Clothes are washed and ready. Hospital bag is queued in the hall. Now can I please go back to work!?!?!

So, here I am in a predicament that I think a lot of women find themselves…

  • Wanting to contribute
  • Wanting to give
  • Wanting to grow
  • Wanting to build…

and they’re on pause.

I know as a pregnant woman, my body is making a life and I know that’s hard work. Everyone tells me to focus on that. But I miss seeing businesses grow and seeing people light up when they discover a new potential they didn’t know they had. So, here I am… very hungry and eager to contribute, so HIT ME UP!

What do you want to know about…

  • Finding a job
  • Starting a business
  • Growing a new business
  • Growing an established business that has plateaued
  • Searching for a job as a seasoned executive out of work for the first time in decades?

Since you’re not me, I’ll have the objectivity to give you insight that would quite frankly cost you a lot of money if you were to pay for it. Right now, why not take advantage of a ready and willing coach?!

Let’s see who has the guts to actually send in a question.


Business #AMA – Pregnant & Bored – Offering Free Business Advice – I Invite You To Ask Me Anything
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