Return on Investment (ROI) for Professional Resume Writing

What is the return on investment (ROI) for having your resume professionally written?

It is very important for a resume to be professionally delivered. This is the first document that an employer sees before they even see the prospective employee—you ;). If a resume isn’t professionally written, than the employer will not give you an interview. It can be extremely difficult to obtain a job in today’s economy, and just as difficult to obtain an interview. Isn’t it necessary to make your resume stand out from the crowd? Having a resume look different than the others can mean the difference between having a job and not having a job. Talk about getting a return on your investment.

How much is getting a job worth to you?

Your resume shouldn’t be different just for the sake of being different. Your resume should be different but truly reflective of your skills and qualities. Your resume should be different because you’re different from other candidates. If you are just like  every other candidate you will not be competitive enough to hire. Employers are looking for someone that fits into the company culture, someone with the right values, and (if nothing else, someone that is likable. Does your resume communicate your personality or values? If it doesn’t, you’ll disappear in a pile of other boring applications.

Your resume needs to be professional and extremely presentable so that the hiring manager knows you are serious about getting work. If an employer sees a resume that is poorly written, they will throw it away. I have actually seen offices where the staff would get together and laugh at resumes with spelling errors or blatant lies.

The Return on Investment for your Resume Can be Huge

Having a resume professionally written can take more time and cost more money, but the return on investment can be huge. Every week you spend unemployed costs you a great deal of money. If you get a resume professionally written, they have a greater chance of obtaining employment sooner. This will kick start your cashflow and the return beings to materialize.

If the cost of a professionally written resume is $500, many people searching for jobs will avoid choosing this route. But if you choose to get the professional resume at that rate and get a job eight weeks sooner than you ever could without the professional resume, the results justify the costs.

What if the one person that chooses to have his/her resume professionally written is most likely to stand out from the crowd? That person will certainly have a greater chance of making a good first impression, scoring an interview, landing the job, and ultimately getting the first paycheck. Don’t you want to be that person?

Find the Money for a Good Service So You Can Get Back to Work

I’ve heard people say I can’t spend the money because my family needs every penny they can get. I understand the fear of spending money with no guarantee. But being without employment when a family is relying on you only makes your need for a job even greater.

So the money a person spends on having their resume professionally written becomes worth it in the long run when that person finds a job. It is necessary not to take chances when seriously looking for a job. It is necessary for a prospective employee to take all the steps necessary to stand out. And for those executives and professionals out there, delivering a beautiful and eye-catching final product is crucial for high paying jobs too. Perhaps it’s more important for high paying jobs because the expectations on the candidate are higher.

Case Study

I would love to give you precise ROI numbers but we don’t ask our clients to tell us when they get hired, what compensation they will be receiving and compare that to people who search without a professional resume. It would be a very interesting study though. What I can tell you is that I have seen countless clients search endlessly on their own. Finally get us to help them with their resume and they are employed within weeks. Just this past week I got a call from a client who was just offered a job. She had been looking for work for over a year. Her employment insurance had run out a while ago. She had sent out countless resumes and had only had a handful of phone interviews with recruiters that were adding people to their database. We wrote her a new resume and cover letter and delivered it two weeks ago. Yesterday she called with an update. A company that received her new resume last week called her in for an interview and hired her on the spot. The amazing thing is that the resume reflected her ideals for a job so well that the job was a perfect fit!

Learn about our resume service here or call 1.877.477.3250 or email for information on getting your resume professionally written. You can even get your current resume reviewed for free.


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Return on Investment (ROI) for Professional Resume Writing
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