Pushing the Envelope

Thank you for visiting jtcina.com. I hope you give this site a chance. I intend on sharing some of what I have learned about communicating like a professional. I have trained individuals for many forms of communications success. As well, I am a writer and so some of my entries will be creative. In my creative pieces I intend on demonstrating various tools and vulnerabilities that should exist in tactical and honest writing. In my more instructive pieces, I intend to share principles and philosophies behind strong communications. I know I am not the most ingenious communicator–I have many mentors, past and present; however, I believe communication is the key to charisma and success. And so, any and every communication skill is worthy of your and my attention. There will be grammatical errors, there will be errors in judgement. But the delivery of a message is just as significant as the message itself. So I will confidently march on, learning from your commentary and hopefully imparting some knowledge along the way. Errors and all, communicating is too important of an endeavour to leave untouched for fear of failure. If I err, I will try to do so in style.

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Pushing the Envelope

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