Reorganizing My Goals

I have struggled to fit all my strengths into one career “bucket.” The greatest success I have had incorporating my goals into one objective was becoming a writer.

Writing has allowed me to use so many of my strengths. My ability to find compassion for people, negotiate frugal deals, convince the doubtful… all of this can be incorporated in writing.

There are certainly many things I cannot do well. In fact, my ability to accept my weaknesses has been as indispensible to me as knowing my strengths.

So, how does this relate to Reorganizing My Goals?

Recently I came across The Art of Non-Conformity. With his free ebook 279 Days to Overnight Success, Blogger and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau was effective at inspiring me. And this is a challenging feat.

I am already inspired. I am so happy and committed to my goals that altering my course even in the least takes powerful ideas–ideas that Mr. Guillebeau possesses. He captured an interesting concept that made me want to rethink my commitments.

I do not regret any of my accomplishments or goals. I cannot say I will be leaving any goals at the wayside because of Mr. Guillebeau, but I have perhaps refined the theme that ties them all together. And I believe this refinement will make it all more achievable.

So, I will be rebranding myself a bit. And, yes, everyone should have a brand–something that sums up a person’s professional and personal self. This helps you get where you want to be much faster.

This brings me to my newest goal: I would like to be a resource and example of Self-Awareness. Being able to communicate and achieve my goals is ultimately driven by my knack for and desire to understand myself. I still have a long way to go on my journey but I have discovered there are many unexplored souls out there that I can help.

I know a lot of this sounds vague but if you are inspired by what I’ve written here even in the least, I assure you there is more. There is more inspiration, but there is also substance. My job, writing, business, and personal history are a testament to the fact that I believe in real and substantial goals.

However, I cannot tell you my story in one blog post. So it will take some time.

But, I promise that if you indulge in yourself and allow me to guide you, you can be everything you want to be. I am so lucky because I have a gift of self-awareness and communications skills. The first helps me see where I want to be and the second helps me get there.

I can show you how.

Reorganizing My Goals

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