Resume Design: Should You Incorporate Colour?

Resume Design for a Competitive Marketplace

According to an HP Printer advertisement I just saw, 87% of consumers are more likely to notice colour marketing materials over black and white; likewise, your target audience is up to 96% more willing to notice your messaging when it’s in color.

Mathew writes on The HP Blog Hub, “colour stimulates our senses and reinforces personal associations with the observer in a way that cannot be matched with black and white.”  This is powerful stuff.

Remember we’re people marketing to people

When we’re marketing human beings as job candidates, we can and should learn from business marketing. These numbers suggest you should have colour on your resume. Do you have anything beyond black and white?

Be careful, of course. Don’t get carried away and ruin the presentation altogether. If a clown walks into a room we’re all likely to look because of the colourful outfit but that’s not the kind of attention you want when you’re looking for a job.

Really, you need a strategic punch of colour. If you’re unsure how to do it, you should look for professional help. It just makes sense to increase the effectiveness of your resume.


1 Average based on HP Color Effectiveness Study Conducted in the US by Infotrends, 9/2011 .
2 HP Color Effectiveness Study Conducted in the US by Infotrends, 9/2011.


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Resume Design: Should You Incorporate Colour?
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