Solution to job stress

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 25% of employees see their jobs as the primary stressor in their lives, and 75% feel that workers today have more job stress than a generation ago.

If work constitutes so much of our lives, defines much of who we are as individuals, and takes us away from other things that matter (i.e. friends and family), work better offer measurable rewards.

If asked, would you be one of the 25% who claim work to be their primary stressor in life? Let’s take that a step further. Even if work isn’t your greatest stressor in life, does the stress of your job outweigh the reward?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes, you should spend some time considering your work choices. I’m not saying quit your job and pursue your dreams without any consideration of your bills and other responsibilities. What I do advocate is that you do something.

First decide what work could give you fulfillment. Then begin taking steps toward achieving that goal. But, for goodness sake, please don’t sit around letting your job eat away at your sanity.

The solution to job stress is to find a position that offers you fulfillment, satisfies your interests, suits your character, represents your values, and provides an environment you can enjoy day to day.

You can spend time being a statistic or you can pursue a solution. You pick.

Solution to job stress

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